Méca-Précis – precision mechanics company near Besançon

  • Méca-Précis
    Méca-Précis – precision mechanics company near Besançon

    Cutting and stamping process: manufacturing of stamped parts near Basançon

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    Méca-Précis – precision mechanics company near Besançon

    Turning and milling, spark eroding for part manufacturing

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    Méca-Précis – precision mechanics company near Besançon

    Tool development and design for different industries

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Cutting and stamping

Méca-Précis is situated in Pirey, in the Doubs Department. Our core engineering capability is the industrialisation of stamped parts in limited and large series. We can also take charge of your tests and pre-production processes, as well as repair your parts. Contact us to find out more!

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  • Cutting tools

Cutting tools

Méca-Précis design office develops and creates tools for numerous industrials. Besides, we research and manufacture spare parts. Feel free to contact us for further questions and get a free quote!

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  • Grinding machining

Grinding Machining

Méca-Précis has a large stock of substances. We realise a classical milling, and we have four MAZAK machining centres, assisted by 3D software with capabilities up to 3,200mm long and 1,400 mm wide. Machining centre pins are able to spin from 7,000 to 18,000 turns. We also have a furnace at our disposal for hardening. As soon as parts are manufactured, it is possible to temper them. Besides, we have standard and quick thrust drill machines. 

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